RV Composite Panels Processing Center
  • GM3010AH5 Composite Board CNC Processing Center
  • GM3010AH5 Composite Board CNC Processing Center
  • GM3010AH5 Composite Board CNC Processing Center
  • GM3010AH5 Composite Board CNC Processing Center
  • GM3010AH5 Composite Board CNC Processing Center
  • GM3010AH5 Composite Board CNC Processing Center

GM3010AH5 Composite Board CNC Processing Center

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GM3010AH5 adopt Imported automatic tool change spindle + five-axis mechanical saws, horizontal 360 degree arbitrary rotation angle, which make this machine can working on the panel materials front plate, side, around, slope to do cutting and tapping, milling, drilling and other technology.


1.Adopt computer-aided design to achieve machine' optimum structural design. The overall steel structure, sub-modular bed, after aging treatment to eliminate internal stress, long-term use without deformation, after the import of five milling machine (3.3 * 8 m) deep processing, to ensure the late assembly parallelism and three Axis verticality, in order to ensure the stability of the bed structure, parallelism, straightness, the use of rail extension method for stitching, and the use of imported laser collimator calibration;

2.More stable bridge double girder gantry structure, divided into main and vice double beams, including the main beam bearing spindle, saw blade, knife library, sub-beam bearing electronic control system and vacuum components. To ensure that the machine in the Y-axis up to 10 meters under the big stroke signal transmission stability and processing stability. The main and auxiliary gates are welded with thick-walled square steel, strengthened with internal ribs, and then subjected to strict aging treatment to eliminate deformation stress and improve rigidity;

3.Five-axis linkage stepless variable angle design, can achieve any angle fast linear cutting, for the outer contour of the plate straight cutting and connecting slant fast cutting, can add the maximum diameter of 450mm blade, the maximum depth of 140mm;

4.Equipped with aerosol cooling method, according to the different processing materials to choose different cooling medium, can be used for the work piece and cutting tools, saw blade cooling, to avoid the traditional cooling caused by plate;

5.Vacuum adsorption table: the use of sub-grid format vacuum adsorption table, partition control, the table along the width (X axis) direction set the standard T-slot, using multiple vacuum pumps, with excellent adsorption capacity;

6.Pneumatic positioning tooling: set the X-axis and Y-axis positioning cylinder, depending on the travel size of different sizes;

7.Pneumatic lift rolling structure: the installation of pneumatic lifting platform on the table to facilitate the composite board from the front and rear ends of the material;

9. Equipped with high-level precision, high speed and high rigidity linear guide rails, excellent carry capacity under high load, good anti-wear properties;


•XYZ Working size: 3000mm*10000mm*250mm;

•Spindle: Mechanical BT40 spindle;

•Cutting Saw: 5 axis rotate;

•Table: Vacuum & T slot table;

•Japan YASKAWA servo motors and driver;

•Taiwan Syntec control system with real 5 axis function;

•XY axis: Imported helical rack and pinion transmission;

•Z axis: Taiwan TBI higher precision ball screw;

•XYZ: Taiwan HIWIN 6 level square rail;

•Tool magazine: Circle type tool magazine with 8 tool holder;

•Automatic lubrication system;

•Automatic oil mist system;

•Cable: Germany Igus cable;

•Other electrical components use Schneider or Siemens;

Working sizeX:Y:Z:3000*10000*250mm
SpindleBT40 Mechanical water spindle
Cutting Saw5 axis cutting saw with big diameter
MotorJapan YASKAWA servo motor and drivers
Control systemOriginal Taiwan Syntec control system
TableVacuum & T slot working table
Moving Speed70m/min
Standard PowerAC380V 3P/220V 3P (Optional)

Applications industry and material:

1.Industry: It applies to large panel production and processing, such as kinds of wood, fiberglass, FRP composition sheet, aluminum, hard plastic, acrylic, insulation materials and other large sheet, which are required on refrigerated compartments, insulation compartments,processing sun room, log cabin, RV, field barracks, quick housing etc; 

2.Material: large panel plate is a laminate or sandwich structure, inside and outside the skin for the aluminum or glass steel plate, the internal buried plate can be 6mm stainless steel plate, carbon steel plate, the filler can be polyurethane foam, EPS foam or XPS foam, glass or aluminum outer surface is usually attached A layer of protective film.

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