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  • PEF SG2030T Mold CNC Router
  • PEF SG2030T Mold CNC Router
  • PEF SG2030T Mold CNC Router
  • PEF SG2030T Mold CNC Router
  • PEF SG2030T Mold CNC Router

PEF SG2030T Mold CNC Router

Product Details

PEF SG2030T is oneprofessionalmold cnc router, which with heavy duty-body and BT40 mechanical spindle.


•Lathe body is also welded with seamless thick steel structure. In order to avoid structural distortion, machine body is processed by Vibrating Stress Relief (VSR);

•Z axis use dual pneumatic balance cylinder design, which effectively reduces the motor's loading power and extend machine's service life;

•In order to keep machine surface smooth, Machining Center (3.3m*8m, made in Taiwan) is used to carve / mill machine body and drillholes;

•Machine metal spare parts are made by UASHAAS milling center

•All axes use dust-proof and protective door (front and back) design to make the maintain more easier;

•Accuracy ofmachine: we use the Leader to measures the straightness, verticality, contouring accuracy and any deviations. The revolutionary precision measuring technology from USA;

•Has the function of re-carving after break point and power failure. Has the function of forecasting process time;

•All main spare parts use the top brand, such as Schneider button, Omron switch, Auto lubrication, USA heat exchange for control cabinet, CW series auto spindle cooling system... All design to ensure the whole machine with the best performance;


•2000*3000*1000mm effective working area;

•Original Taiwan BT40 mechanical water cooling spindle. 

•Beijing super servo motor to drive the spindle directly;

•Japan YASKAWA servo motors and drivers;

•Original Taiwan Syntec controller;

•Helical rack gear for X, Y axis, Taiwan TBI ball screw for Z travel;

•All axis Taiwan imported brand square rails;

•T slto cast ironworking table;

•Auto chillier;

•Germany Igus cable;

•Independent control box;

•Artcam software for free

•Working voltage: 380V/50HZ/3PH or 220V/50HZ/3PH;

Working sizeX:Y:Z:2000*3000*1000mm
SpindleBT 40 mechanical spindle-water cooling
MotorJapan YASKAWA servo motor and drivers
Control systemTaiwan Syntec control system
TableCast-Iron working table
Moving Speed60m/min
Standard PowerAC380V 3P/220V 3P (Optional)


1. Die industry: A sculpture of aluminum, foam, plastic sheeting, PVC, wooden planks and other soft-metallic mold;

2. Pattern making industry: Mold industry: Any type car mold, boat mold, foundry mold, aviation mold, dia mold, etc, especially wood and aluminum pattern making which with nail or screws inside;

3. Plate processing industry: insulation, plastic and chemical, the PCB, move the car body, bowing, track, stars anti-special board, epoxy, resin, ABS, PP, PE, and other carbon mixture;

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